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The Issues

Students across the state will learn more about and discuss key democratic issues: Money in PoliticsFair Representation, and Greater Participation. We want you and your students to join in one or more of these hour-long deliberations with their fellow Americans!

Constitution Day

Deadline is September 8th  at 11:59 PM EST

This event is an open invitation for teachers and professors in Massachusetts to engage in a week-long deliberation about democracy, coinciding with Constitution Day.

  • This even is open only to 100 high schools and universities.

  • Students will join a video platform to explore democratic issues like Money in Politics, Fair Representation, and Greater Participation.

  • Schools will gain recognition for fostering civic engagement, and a report will be provided to showcase the evolution of students' opinions.

  • These deliberations are entirely free and will provide an exciting, educational experience for students to meet with peers statewide.

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